AntiqueLighting.com is one of the largest retailers of restored antique lighting, vintage lighting and vintage light fixtures on the internet. We have a large inventory of antique lamps that includes vintage chandeliers and antique sconces of all kinds. AntiqueLighting.com specializes in unique restored period antique lighting dating from 1860 to 1960. All of our pieces are cleaned, complete, and ready to install in your home. We simplify the process of buying high-quality vintage lighting by providing a wide selection of antique sconces, restored antique chandeliers and unique lanterns shipped directly to your home or office.

At AntiqueLighting.com you can shop our large inventory of hanging vintage light fixtures and vintage wall sconces at reasonable prices twenty-four hours a day. Each of our antique hanging fixtures is unique, as we don't carry reproduction antique lighting. We only sell antique lamps in our inventory. Our most delicate antique crystal chandeliers have been fully disassembled for packaging for shipment, and most ship the following business day. Below you'll find our guide for why we think our vintage lighting fixtures are superior to any reproduction European light on the market.

Featured Products

HUGE MARIE THERESE CRYSTAL & BRASS CHANDELIER C1930 Slipper Shade Chandelier c1920's Silver Glass Vintage Antique Ceiling Light Restored Vintage Almond Crystal Prisms Chandelier Sconce
List Price: $18,800.00
Our Price: $9,880.00
Slipper Shade Chandelier c1920's
List Price: $1,800.00
Our Price: $1,280.00
Vintage Almond Crystal Prisms Chandelier Sconce
List Price: $250.00
Our Price: $125.00
Empire Bronze & Crystal Chandelier c1950 Vintage Antique Ceiling Light Ballroom Vintage Crystal U-drop Spear Prisms Chandelier Sconce Czech Crystal Chandelier c1930 Antique Vintage Glass Ceiling Light Fixture
List Price: $14,000.00
Our Price: $7,880.00
Vintage Crystal U-drop Spear Prisms Chandelier Sconce
List Price: $250.00
Our Price: $125.00
Czech Crystal Chandelier c1930
List Price: $2,800.00
Our Price: $1,760.00
Vintage Chandelier Antique French Flush Mount Bronze Brass Crystal Glass Empire Bronze Period French Wall Sconces c1880 Vintage Antique Wall Lights Czech Crystal & Brass Lantern Chandelier c1930 PAIR AVAILABLE Gold Pendant
Crystal Flush Mounted Brass Pendant c1950
List Price: $600.00
Our Price: $298.00
Empire Bronze Period French Wall Sconces c1880
List Price: $4,500.00
Our Price: $2,860.00
LARGE French Empire Flame Chandelier Antique Vintage Restored Italian Light Czech Crystal Chandelier c1930 Vintage Antique Restored Glass Ceiling Light Czech Crystal Chandelier c1930 Vintage Antique Restored Glass Ceiling Light
34" LARGE French Empire Bronze Chandelier
List Price: $5,599.00
Our Price: $2,389.00
Czech Crystal Chandelier c1930
List Price: $2,000.00
Our Price: $1,160.00
Czech Crystal Chandelier c1930
List Price: $2,000.00
Our Price: $1,260.00

Antique Lighting In Historic Homes

If you have an older or historic home, you'll find antique chandeliers and vintage wall sconces will look superior to reproduction lighting.  Vintage lighting is almost always the best match for an older home.  

Trends will come and go for finishes and shapes, but something timeless won't fall out of favor. When restoring a historic home, you may wish to assemble a set of similar antique lights for consistency throughout the home. Nothing kills the romance of an older home faster than hardware store lighting that doesn't blend with the architecture of a unique home.  

We find that of our vintage light fixtures our Spanish brass chandeliers make for the best sets throughout an older home.  The finishes and dressings of Spanish brass chandeliers and wall sconces are easy to match.

Pairing antique chandeliers and vintage sconces into an older home is not an exact science.  The goal in most applications is to match the general charm and style of the home.  Some clients will seek to select only exact period pieces for their home, but this is very difficult to do.  We recommend picking a genre of lighting and about a twenty-year range and trying to create a matched set that looks like they could have been original to the home.

Antique wall sconces are one of the best additions to older and historic homes.  Sconces were a staple in times past to project practical working and mood lighting within a home.  We recommend using shades or dimmers with antique wall sconces in older homes, as bright lights show too many imperfections and are assaulting to the eyes.




Vintage Lighting Is About Style & Quality

Vintage light fixtures have numerous advantages over newer lighting.  The highest quality and most unique hanging lights available for purchase will certainly be vintage lighting. Antique lamps are one of a kind.  You can be absolutely certain your family and friends won't have antique crystal chandelier like yours.  Owning an investment quality antique lamp is both a great stylistic choice and a sound long term investment.


History In Your Home: A Case For Vintage Lighting

Antiques are story tellers- they are reminders of the past and a hope for the future.  Antique hanging lamps are perhaps the best example of this history, as antique chandeliers are as much art as they are for function.  Someone created each antique lighting design with care for a special application at a particular time in style and design.  Each vintage lighting device allows us to discover things about culture, time period and even the limitations of the technology of the time.  Many of our antique lights were produced before we landed on the moon, before we had a second world war, and in some cases before electricity was in every home.  Strategically placing some antique crystal chandeliers or vintage wall sconces back into your home is a great way to preserve the story of your home also.

Antiques Are Green

Are you “green” friendly? Making sure to repurpose, reuse and recycle by investing in a fine item that has been utilized in the past, instead of adding to your carbon footprint. We at AntiqueLighting.com use the greenest methods possible when restoring our products.  We use ultrasonic machines to strip paints and lacquers instead of harsh chemicals. Additionally, the lighting and cooling systems in our antique lighting workshop are all high efficiency.  Vintage light fixtures preserve the past while improving the future.


Antique Lights Vs. Reproduction Knockoffs

The construction of vintage lighting is of higher quality than new reproduction lighting.  The materials used in reproduction lighting are almost always of poor quality when compared to antique crystal chandeliers and sconces.  This also includes almost all expensive designer brands selling "European style" antique lamps.  In recent years, even those household brands have shifted to cheaper materials and lower quality construction, especially with respect to reproduction antique hanging fixtures and vintage wall sconces.  By comparison, vintage lighting bleeds of fine chased bronze, hand blown crystal, forged cast iron and other fine materials.  

Most of the Chinese, Indian and Turkish reproductions are made with pressed aluminum, machine made glass and plastic prisms, and other offending materials that won't stand the test of time.  These reproductions have a sloppy casting or are pressed out of a mold, the finishes are done quickly and without care.  For the same price point, why not have one of our fabulous antique chandeliers with real gilded finishes.  The antique chandeliers in our inventory are unsurpassed in quality and design.  Buy one of our fine antique lights today!